ARC 2014 fleet sets sail

We’re so envious of the 180-plus sailboats that set sail on Monday 24th November in the ARC 2014. The start had been scheduled for Sunday, but the weather front that crossed the islands over the weekend meant that the race had to be postponed for a day.

This is still the most important offshore arc 2014 regatta for those who decide to sail across the Atlantic. Crews on these yachts come from 29 different countries, with the majority from the UK and the US.

Around 2,700 nautical miles separate all these passionate sailors from their destination in St. Lucia. Some will be racing with competitive spirit, but most will simply be looking to fulfil the dream of any sailing enthusiast. Enjoying spectacular sunrises and surfing the trade winds are just some of the pleasures that will accompany these sailors. Living together onboard is another key feature of crossings like these.

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  1. Alba
    Alba Dice:

    We are Alba and Pere. We are two friends looking for adventurs and challangers. We really love the nature and everything that have relation for it. We travel since a long time and this is the first time that we will do something together with a lot of dreamings. Her have a litle experience with the boats, because she live in Mallorca 3 month with a people that had a sailing boat and they did some crossing in a mediterran sea. Both have a strong mind and a lot of courage. We looking some boat, doesn’t matter the style, that will cross the Atlantic to someplace to South America. We have a lot of wanted to learn and life this big experience. – See more at:


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