For quite a few years now, there’s been talk in Spain about this new holiday format, called bed boat that’s already well established in other countries like the US, Italy and France.

One of the online reservation market leaders,, recently set its sights on this model. In Spain, this OTA has no more than twentyish boats spread mainly between the Balearics and the Canaries, but it’s a model the firm is pursuing with vested interest.

The idea of Bed Boat is very simple: a boat becomes a hotel room. The concept itself is interesting if we also consider that yachts berthed in a marina are an attractive and privileged setting for many people keen on enjoying a nautical experience whilst staying in unique accommodation.

 “Life on the quay”, as sailors often say, has a special appeal. A place where things are always going on: a yacht entering port, the harbour lights being switched on, or the neighbouring berthholder coming back after a day’s fishing with many a story to tell.

 However, as happens in traditional accommodations, there are good and not-so-good things on offer, so we’ve taken the liberty to list some interesting pointers to consider before booking a ‘bed & boat’ holiday:

  1.  Location. Not all ports and marinas have the same level of services. It’s highly advisable to check the facilities available, such as laundry service, bathrooms and showers, Wi-Fi coverage, swimming pool or sports facilities, car rental, nearby supermarkets, etc.
  2. The boat. It should be adapted to receive new guests. The boat data book will tell us about the amenities available, such as hot water, air conditioning, number of cabins and berths, cooking facilities, sunbathing options, etc.
  3. Check-in and check-out procedures should be clearly stated, as in any type of hotel. What’s more, we should be welcomed by a person who will take us to our boat, explain how things work and show us where things such as kitchen utensils, hot water, gas, etc., are located. Remember, for example, that most boats have electric toilets which don’t operate in the same way as ones on dry land do.  
  4. The guest should be told about the services and facilities on the boat, such as towels, hairdryers, complimentary toiletries, coffee machine, kettle, microwave, bed changing, cleaning, CD player, TV set, etc.
  5. The chance to go out sailing on the boat during our stay is a highly recommended option, but should always left to the guests’ discretion.   
  6. Breakfast or dinner on board are also excellent options to look into.

We hope that this article has been useful for you.

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