Boat Meditation

Today’s post is going to be a bit different than usual. Although we will continue aboard of a sailboat, today we aren’t going to talk about charter, or about the Atlantic, or about Lanzarote. Today we will talk about boat meditation.

Meditation is a practice with a lot of history. Historians guess that it was around the 3000 BC when this activity was first practiced. There are many religions around the world that have adopted this mental training. And, today, there are many people who have incorporated it into their lives.

There are many skeptics on the subject, there are many who hear the word think about mysticism, or attribute a very distant from today’s society people connotation. Probably all these people have not seen firsthand what it really means to meditate and all its benefits. Because there are many.

Why meditation is so important

We live in the XXI century. We live in the century of mental disorders. And there are thousands and thousands of (usually negative) thoughts that haunt us in the head during the day. We live in a situation of constant hustle and stress. 500 years ago, people did not have, much less, as many concerns as has the average person does today. Nowadays, with the advancement of society and technology, there are many and absurd things that bother us; and that, ultimately, are the cause of not fully living our lives. Let us use an example with everything involving social media and our attachment to them, reaching levels of vital necessity.

It is for this reason that today meditation is such a powerful practice. Meditation is a way to train your mind. It is a way to pause, stop your mind of keep working and keep giving many laps to things with no importance. One way to stop living the tough past or in the projection of the future, and putting yourself in the present moment. It is a way to relax the mind, anything you need, and release of all those everyday worries we all have. Finally, this will generate us greater feeling of happiness, creativity, and increased intellectual abilities. ¿Do you really think it can be a bad exercise?

About boat meditation

So, ¿what does all this has to dow with Nautic Ocean? I thought that this site was on nautical experiences, not about mysticism and spirituality.

Well, there is an essential point of meditation in which it has a lot to do. Meditation techniques, ultimately, are based on placing yourself in the present moment. To do this, you need to contact with the environment in which you are standing. This includes mainly focusing on the sounds around you, and the sense of gravity that holds your body. In addition, to be found in quiet place, pleasant to behold, that creates sense of calm.

Entering to the state

Knowing this, we can conclude that a boat can be the perfect place to practice meboat meditationditation. Let’s bring ourselves on the situation. It is full moon night. We are alone on deck. Our boat is anchored. The surf, really soft, generates a seesaw effect on our sailboat. Relaxation is inevitable. We are watching the reflection of the moon on the water in the rough sea. Nothing else: no boats, no land, no movement. The sound of the light sea breeze enters our ears, making us go further in situation. That’s all we can hear. Calm.

The simple fact of staying watching the painting that has risen in front of us could be considered clearly as meditation. And this is because at that time we would have forgotten everything else. All that matters is the movement of the waves.

But we can go further. We can close our eyes and go further in the environment. With eyes closed, we will hear more clearly the sound of the sea breeze. We will notice even more the feeling of movement of the boat generated by the waves. We will feel how our mind quiets and a total peace invade our inside.

¿Why not?

Much can be told and explained how it could be like. But this is about feelings and, ultimately, about experiencing. Therefore, until you experiment with your own body this type of meditation, you can never understand how nice it can be to practice boat meditation.

So, ¿why not give it a chance and try it? ¿Don’t you want to get away from all the hubbub of thoughts you have in your mind and relax completely?

If you want to try it, do not hesitate to book boat with us and live this amazing experience here!

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