Choose boat to cross the Atlantic, and the best crew.

In past articles, we have been providing information about preparations, communications, advice, etc. Now we want to open a parenthesis to those who are planning to rent a boat to cross the Atlantic. In Nautic Ocean, we receive requests from people in different degrees of experience arising this challenge. In result of that experience, we want to share some data to make the best decision possible:

The Boat

If we look at the list of the ARC as the biggest ocean race in number of  boats participating, we will find that there are  different types and lengths of boats. However, most vessels are above 40 feet. Regarding our point of view, although you can cross the Atlantic almost in any length, whether we will choose ship, we think of a certain minimum length to provide safety and comfort. We understand that should be around 50 feet in a mono-hull, and 40 feet for multi-hulls. On the other hand, according to our goal, we will look for cruise ships or race ones.

Some of the points we must demand on our boat to cross the Atlantic: boat to cross the atlantic

Lifejacket. We must know whether the ship has the corresponding liferaft, Radiobeacon Station (EPIRB), Transponder SART, life jackets for all crew, fire-fighting equipment, pyrotechnics, harnesses, first aid kit, etc. As well as the navigation area of the ship, and the date of the last revision of safety material subjected to revisions. We must also ask the insurance policy of the ship, as the owner is not only required to keep it, but also must provide coverage in the event of participation in a regatta if it is the case.

– Communications. We must check which communications will the boat use. Today there are different options:

a) SSB (Single Side Band). Before the invention of satellite communications, it was the only way to achieve a communication in oceanic navigations.

b) Satellite Communication. INMARSAT, formed by four geostationary satellites around the earth.

c) Across the Atlantic communications. Satellite phones such as: Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya.

– Comfort. It will be important to know how many people will go on board. Also if there will be the possibility of an own cabin, or hire one if we are to be accompanied, as arranged the guards, or as planned meals. Especially in racing boats it is not uncommon to find food packets for the crew, which can be an inconvenient for many people.

– The appearance of the ship and its maintenance. Details about your general maintenance, materials onboard respect, tools and spare parts, as well as the review date of its engines. Also the look of your rig and rigging both firm and labor, will be crucial to assess the suitability in our choice .


It may be advisable to know the skippers profile, its experience in this type of sailings or similar, and if you’ll be accompanied by support crew. What degree of involvement will be required on board and whether this will be in line on what we are seeking.

We recommend that, at least, you have a previous communication with the master, and know their vision of the journey.

What is included and what does not include our journey.

– First of all,Participation in possible Races

-Second, Licenses

– Also, Stays in ports or marinas

-In adittion, Food and drink

-Communications with land from the boat

-Another, Transfers (usually not included)

-Finally, Gas

– Others.

In Nautic Ocean, we are working to prepare a fleet of boats that meet certain standards due to choose boat to cross the Atlantic sailing. The main goal is to facilitate the process of selection based on the criteria explained above.

Some boats that will cross the Atlantic soon:

-Sterna. Open 85 feet (26 m.). Quick navigation ocean sailboat. It was designed and built in France in 2000 with the intention of beating ocean sailing records in solo or small crew. It is the only one that exists in the world. The shape of its hull, its sail plan and displacement allow rapid, stable and, above all, very seaworthy sailing. It has a very extensive curriculum which include 2 turns around world and 1 turn around Antarctica.

-Lagoon 400 S2. It is a new catamaran of 2014, recently launched in Alicante. Perfect for both inshore and for ocean cruise. It can accommodated comfortably by 8 people, with 4 double cabins and a large bathtub. Since its launch, they are working hard to get it ready to cross the Atlantic. No doubt the fact that a new vessel gives it a certain appeal.

-Swan 51 ‘. It was built in 1984 in Pietesaari, Finland, by Nautor Swan. Certainly, a brand that speaks for itself trough its reliability, comfort and elegance.

-Zulu. It is a private boat that has been designed and built by a group of Spanish and Mexican friends with many years of experience in navigation. The boat is very comfortable and well-equipped. Its crew is made by professional island residents who know the best anchorages and coves and the most picturesque places.

In conclusion…

We hope that with this being explained, now you have an idea on what to expect when renting a boat to cross the Atlantic. Enjoy your unforgettable journey! And, if you need so, don’t forget to book your boat here trough our web!


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  1. Daria Zhyvchenko
    Daria Zhyvchenko Dice:

    Hi. We are looking for a job on the board. We are younger people, girl and man, 29 and 33 yeard old. we are from Ukraine and Sicily. We want to cross the Atlantic ocean , so can work on the ship for that trip. Not nessesary comfortable and also we can take a food and all what is nessesary for trip. We speak russian, english, spanish, deutch, ukranian, italian. We are open for travel expirience and want to be a part of the team of the ship! Contacts Daria +34633042517 . Rino(Gaspare) +34697256846 We have all documents which nesessary for a trip. Thanks!


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