Visit to Bodegas Martinon winery


We’d agreed to meet around 11am at the Oceandreams offices in Playa Blanca to drive up to the village of Masdache in Tias.

When we arrived at the Martinón winery, the owner Eduardo greeted us in person. The minute I stepped out of the car, I couldn’t stop marvelling at the view in front of me. It was so different to the one that someone like me from the mainland was used to seeing at a winery. Greenery blends harmoniously with the stark black of this unique environment and, even though we’ve talked about it in a previous post, you never cease to be amazed at how something can grow in such seemingly adverse conditions. I simply love feasting my eyes on those semi-circular rock walls that cloak the entire landscape and the mystical halo that envelopes the entire setting.

Bodegas MartinónSince its beginnings, Bodegas Martinon has opted for this type of cultivation, which we are told is just as productive as in trenches. The grape is 100% single-variety Malvasia, producing mainly whites but also reds and rosés.

This essentially family-run winery dates back to 2006, when the project was launched using vineyards owned by the family.

Eduardo himself showed us the entire production process right up to bottling, and we observed the meticulous care and attention that a family-run winery gives to the product, which ultimately reaches our palate and sense of smell in its full splendor.

Of course we weren’t going to turn down a tasting session, but given the slightly unsuitable time of day to establish an in-depth relationship with these wines, we decided to take a crate back to enjoy less hurriedly at an event we’d already planned for later in the day. Needless to say, the night was a total success and, although it might not look so good to admit, not one bottle was left over to take back to the mainland…

Bodegas Martinón

We agreed to take Eduardo out on one of our sailboats a few days after visiting him. This is when we began to give shape to the idea we are currently preparing alongside Bodegas Martinón: a series of weekly wine-tastings on board a catamaran. The project involves holding wine-pairing sessions which we believe perfectly blend two of this island’s most valuable assets: the sea and local wines. Accompanied by a wine expert, we will cruise the southern coast of Lanzarote on a 41-foot catamaran whilst savoring these wines in an unrivalled setting. After a pleasant sail, and anchored at one of the best spots in Lanzarote, we will then learn more about these fantastic wines borne from apparently unfavourable conditions yet which are a true pleasure to the palate.

We can’t think of a better way of enjoying such pleasures. The day proved perfect for enjoying a good wine whilst cruising the southern coast of Lanzarote. We were joined on board by Eduardo Martinón, as well as Jesús San Juan, Manager of the Hotel Volcán Lanzarote, and Fernando Benitez, Manager of the Hotel HD Pueblo Marinero, who also firmly believe in our project of offering nautical activities to everyone visiting the island of eternal spring – Lanzarote.

Details: Alcohol 13.2% vol. Tartaric acid 5.9 g/l. Volatile (acetic) acid 0.3 g/l.

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