Canary day

Canary Day 2013 in Lanzarote

Today, the 30th of May, it is commemorated in all the 7 islands the Canary Day. It regards the first session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands. It took place on the 30th of May of 1983, 30 years ago today. This occurred just after 10 months of the Statute of Autonomy of the Canary Islands was published. Let’s discover the Canary Day.

Lanzarote held this last night an official ceremony regarding the Canary Day. But, this year,  has happened the appointment of the first favorite son to receive this recognition in life: Juan Brito Martin. They chaired the President of the Cabildo, Pedro San Gines. Also Paulino Ribero, the President of the Canary Islands. He has shared this year with people from Lanzarote the day of this Community.

Lanzarote celebrates this festival with many events and activities that revolve around the Canary culture. Also including their traditions and customs.

Among others, we include:

-First Photo Marathon Day in Arrecife Canary Islands.
-Canary Day party in Arrecife
-Wafers Day Regatta Canary Islands, Arrecife on Thursday 30 May at 11: 00h
-Traditional agriculture and wooden boats in Lanzarote, Arrecife from 24 to 30 May.
-Act of the Day of the Canary Islands (starring Alexis Lemes, a musical group Trio and the Pavon). It will be in Lanzarote Island Theatre on Wednesday the 29th of May at 20: 30h.
-Regional Championship Canary Day Ball. It is at the Bowling Club Nazareth (Teguise) on the 30th of May. It will be held in Playa Blanca

Two acts will be held in the center of Playa Blanca:

From 10: 30h:

-Institutional event
-Municipal Act Lemons Street Band.
-Exhibition School of Lucha Canaria in the beach town.

From 19: 00h:

-Folk concert, by Rubicon Group and Parranda The gesture in the square next to the restaurant Brisa Marina (Maritime Avenue of Playa Blanca).

And what better than today, on this day of celebration, to watch this video «place with the best climate in the world».

In Nautic Ocean, we truly suggest to discover the Canary Day and enjoy it as much as possible. If you need accommodation to assist to it, don’t hesitate to book it here!

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