2014 Düsseldorf Boat Show

We’re back from the «Dusseldorf Boat Show». Despite not having suffered an excessive cold, someone like us who lives «with the best climate in the world», began to miss taking away so many clothes. And especially seeing again that sky that only shines in Lanzarote in that special way.

The experience

Conny and I arrived on Tuesday. It was well into the afternoon. The capital of North RDusseldorfhine – Westphalia, gave us one of his languid gray skies with a slight drizzle.

Afternoon. After settling into a nearby hotel, we got the call from another good friend of the sector, Carlos, owner of a yacht charter agency in Mallorca. We enjoyed together a short walk through the city. Then, we were headed to a well-known Japanese restaurant. There we could notice that Dusseldorf has the largest colony of Japanese people in Europe, more than 11,000, and is in fact considered the Japanese city on the Rhine.

The Boat Show

Wednesday. After taking a couple of trams, so typical in the city, we arrived at the Boat Show of Dusseldorf. The first thing that impressed us was checking its magnitude. 17 rooms shelter motor boats, sailing, nautical accessories, electronics, accessories, nautical activities, tourism agencies, officers, marine organisms from different countries, charter boats, etc.

Dusseldorf Boat showOur interest focused basically in visiting the agencies that dominate the landscape of nautical charter at the European level: Master Yachting, Sun Sail, Sailing Europe, etc. Besides, arranging meetings with online agencies that bring together the most part of boat rental. Also charter services and companies that offer additional services management,booking, etc. like Booking Manager,Boat Booker, etc.

We breathe a pleasant atmosphere trough our two days at the fair, the Dusseldorf Boat Show, both at the meetings, and the volume of people moving there. Lakes and rivers with boats sailing and wind fans needed projecting, gave a nice warm touch to the living room.

Nautic Ocean  was the first year that came there, and had no historical data to make quantitative comparisons. Although, we noted that whenever pretended to take a picture, had to wait quite some time to find a point where people did not appear. Definitely, the flow of the public is something to comment. Wandering through corridors and standing was considerable. Despite the size of the fair, and the degree of sophistication in some of the exhibitors was worthy of highlight. If we add an organized care, we were able to forget about the crisis at least for a few days and, above all, leave with a strong optimistic spirit.


Honestly I do not think its very convenient to make a comparison with the size and affluence of our beloved Barcelona Boat Show. I think the Barcelona show must seek its new positioning in the panorama of the great European salons.

What caught my attention about the Dusseldorf Boat Show?

Dehler commitment to the charter sector and its creation: «CharterDehler» to promote their boats in the boat rental companies.

– Our good friend Gaston Westphal, German patron born in Dusseldorf and work based in Palma de Mallorca, showed us the Elan sailboats, with special attention to 329, a new functional and fastest model in the segment of 10 meters. Design from Humphreys Yacht Design.

Bavaria launches Easy 9.7. Also seems to have understood this new segment of buyers in the 10 meters and the pleasure of easy navigation.

– Pogo 30. A fast sailboat. It is seeking passage to move to the more familiar boat segment. But without losing the taste for speed.

– Canary Islands had its own stand. They represented the nautical offer of the 7 islands. We greeted there our friends from European Sport Destination and  Marina Rubicon.

– ARC. Unmissable visit to the stand of ocean navigation. The appointment is repeated year after year, bringing together hundreds of sailors from Las Palmas cross the Atlantic towards the Caribbean.

– Torqeedo acquires Moonwave. It enters like this the segment of electric hybrids.

General view

The list is extensive developments in all sports halls, Dinghy sailing, motor boats, fishing and also diving.

In conclusion, the Dusseldorf Boat Show had great edition this 2014, essential for companies in the sector and for visitors and individuals who want to learn first hand news of the nautical world just as the year begins in Düsseldorf.


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