Fishing in the Canary Islands: Interview with Oscar Fernández

Lanzarote, besides being an island known for its landscape and its climate, is also a well-known destination for fishing. One main factor is the richness and variety of its Atlantic waters and the kindness of its climate. That allows fishing throughout the year. Also makes this island a favorite for those who love this exciting sport destinations. Enjoy true nautical vacation, doing what you love the most. We can not talk about fishing in the Canary Islands without not talking about one of our main partners. He is one of the most knowledgeable person on Lanzarote about these waters. We are talking about Oscar Fernandez de Pinedo, who has granted us this interview to learn more about fishing in Lanzarote. Also to teach us what will we find if we plan to travel to these latitudes.

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fishing in the canary islands

Oscar, ¿How were your beginnings in this discipline and how did you end in Lanzarote»?

I really have been fishing since my childhood. Most of my childhood photos are with a rod in hand, both at sea or in the river or reservoirs. Sunny or snowing, I was always stalking trouts or whatever was to my reach. I have been attracted to Lanzarote by its sea and its good climate, since I was born in Vitoria.

You usually fish in Lanzarote. ¿Which attractions of the area would you highlight to encourage of fishing those who still do not know?

Lanzarote, due to the shape it has, and the trade winds, has a natural protection. That makes commercial fishing not as intense as in other islands, so the fish can be regenerated with less fishing pressure. There are areas really wildernesses, and depending on the season, we can capture all kinds of species. This is the amazing of fishing in the Canary Islands.

¿Do I need experience to go fishing with you? ¿What must we take if we are to come fishing with you?

We do sport-fishing trips of all kinds, and for all levels, so that you can have a first fishing experience on a  boat for little money. On the boat, we all have the material needed, as well as insurances and a professional crew.

¿What types of services does your company, Rubicon Fishing, offer to any fisherman? ¿What memories do you think fishermen take after sharing with you any fishing day?

In sport fishing, we offer the possibility of fishing, jigging, trolling and shore, bottom and great bottom, and the jewel in the crown, fishing in the Marine Reserve. Memories, sunset in Isla Alegranza, with friends after an intense day, some limpets, fresh fish, wine from the island, and the sun reflecting Volcanoes is not easy to forget. One day, a good sailor told me that the important thing was the Indian, not the arrows.

In sport fishing, ¿do you think the material, boat, rigging and electronics are more important than the fisherman?

The skipper, equipment and fisherman, if any of these three things begins to fail, the thing gets complicated, especially when fishing for large pieces.

¿How would you define the profile of the fisherman who you usually visit?

They are fishermen with many expectations on Lanzarote. They often have’t received certain information, and confuse seasons. It will be difficult to catch a marlin in February for example.

Oscar, we know about  your laureate sporting achievements. Explain briefly how has your experience been in fishing tournaments. ¿Will you continue promoting championships in Marina Rubicon – Lanzarote?

Actually, I stopped participating on all the circuits of the championship. We have won some championships in marlin and wahoo modalities. We also have two world IGFA records on board the AURA MARINA, and third pending approval. Lanzarote has a mild climate throughout the year, although we know that there are better times for each species and techniques.

¿Which ones would you highlight?

On deep-sea fishing, marlin and wahoo for September, October and November. The rest of the year is better for jigging and bottom fishing within their variants.

In these times, when awareness about ecology and respect for the environment is growing every day, ¿what would you say to those who still believe that sport fishing damages the survival of marine species?

Sport fishing is regulated so that it can take 5 kg per license. And large catches are photographed and released again. We the sport fishers are who collaborate with patrol boats and environment control poaching. There is great ignorance on this subject.

¿What do you think about fishing without death?

I practice it, except with bottom fish, which already come up damaged and also have an important gastronomic value. We destine them to our consume and customer. As a rule, we release billfish and sharks that accidentally come into our decoys. Also concerning employers who decide to catch marlin, as it is completely legal, having permits that the administration sets for it.

You have recently renewed your fleet with a powerful boat, the «Aura Marina», specially prepared for fishing. ¿Could you tell us all the facilities that incorporates?

Yes, it is a Hatteras 45 ‘, an American classic Fisher 15.5 meters long and 4.42 meters wide and deep V-shaped hull. It has three cabins, lounge, kitchen, air conditioning and two bathrooms. So this season many of our customers sleep in the «hot spot».

We can not let this opportunity pass without asking the typical topical question to any fisherman: ¿What has been your biggest catch and what has been your best experience fishing?

A blue marlin of about 380 kg, in «stand up» (no fighting chair), and rod, reel and line 80 pounds, which was released afterwards. I have fished in many countries around the world. And my best experiences, fishing in the Canary Islands, marlins, tuna and wahoo, have been in Alegranza (north of Lanzarote), with my children and my friends.

So we can only thank you for this interview and take this opportunity to encourage all our customers to come and share with this great fisherman all the secrets of this island, one of the world’s best places to fish.

Nautic Ocean has included this activity in their water plans, to combine accommodation + fishing if we plan to come fishing in the Canary Islands, and more precisely in Lanzarote.

What a better ending than seeing one of the latest videos of Oscar in Lanzarote here.

Finally, If you want to organise a fishing trip in Lanzarote, don’t miss our fishing experience

 Thank you very much and good fishing. Enjoy fishing in the Canary Islands.

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