Multitude of nautical activities arround the 4 star HD Pueblo Marinero.

Nautic Ocean has recently incorporated the accommodation offer HD Pueblo Marinero. It is for customers in both at destination and hiring in origin location. Different plans, but always with our formula of Accommodation + boating activity. Thus, we have the following plans:


-Top 4 Sailing HD. It includes the possibility to enjoy every day either 4 nautical activities like kayaking, windsurfing, Stand-Up Paddle Surf, and Dinghy Sailing (Catamaran, Dart, Topaz, Hobie-Cat).

-Boat rides, romantic sunsets special couples.

-Sailing baptism with the J80 sailing class and 2 program.  One is for extreme sailing, and the other, called Relax Sailing, quieter for those looking for a chilling navigation and enjoying the landscape that Lanzarote offers.

Nautical Shows

HD Pueblo Marinero goes a step further and offers to all customers who want, a «Nautical show». It is free and takes place every Friday. So customers will be able this way to check what type of activity they may like more or which one interests them to practice.

As always, the bet is to open navigation to all public. Therefore, that requires no experience whatsoever for any of the activities offered. However, it offers to all the possibility of having some expert monitors from Nautic Ocean. Under the orders of Tarah, they will be happy to join in these fun activities.

All activities take place in Marina Rubicon, precisely in the Rubisail School. It has become a real practising field. And that is not only for access to the sea through its ramp, but also because the output is fully protected from the sea and wind, which is a great facility to practice with absolute certainty and confidence.

Also, our team of monitors has semi-rigid boats for support. So they will always be aware of the safety of anyone who carries out any activity at the sea.

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