Italian Restaurant in Playa Blanca, an Atlantic taste in Marina Rubicón

This Easter has helped us to continue discovering places that we still hadn’t known in Playa Blanca – Lanzarote. We were staying at the SailorVillas, from Ocean Dreams. From there, we were very close to Marina Rubicon. We were about to discover a really tasty Italian Restaurant in Playa Blanca.

The gastronomic offer in Lanzarote is very good. And as I always like to remember, it maintains a good balance between being a tourist spot and giving good eating at very reasonable prices.

The offer

Specifically, in Marina Rubicon there is a wide range and variety of restaurants:

– Rubicon Red House. Bar-restaurant specialized in fresh fish, tapas and snacks.
– Mirador Marina. Mediterranean cuisine with a solarium terrace .It offers sea views and live music.
– Casa Brigida. Restaurant that is specialized in fresh fish.
– The Maño Winery. Best of the Aragon kitchen. Excellent wine and homemade desserts.
– Blue Note.
– La Petite Marmite. Eat French food like being at home.
– Afrodite Lounge Bar. Takeaway pasta service. They also offer good cocktails.
– Lani’s Grill Marina Rubicon. Grill Restaurant. Their specialty are grilled meats. They serve a children’s menu.
– Boga Boga. Café, terrace and pizza bar.

-Italian Trattoria Il Commendatore. Pasta, rice, pizza. Timetable: Monday to Sunday, from 13.00 to 23.00
Tel: 928 51 88 56


Italian Restaurant  in Playa Blanca

We decided to eat there during one of the days that we were there enjoying our family vacation in Lanzarote. In the Sailor Villas, we usually like cooking. That is because we also love to share those moments with the family that are difficult to enjoy throughout the year.
Today we decided to leave the kitchen and trythis Italian restaurant, Il Commendatore.
But, what is really priceless, it is to be able to enjoy excellent dishes on the terrace with these magnificent views.Being able to enjoy the views of the Marina and its boats, the incredible sunsets of Playa Blanca, and the relaxed atmosphere of the area.On the inside dining room, there are tables with a very careful design and a warm stay.

The Menu:

First of all..

-Starters: Antipasti di mamma. Carpaccio di filetto Cipriani. Gamberetti to Liguria. Carpaccio di gamberetti.  Also, a varied selection of fine cheese, soups, salads and vegetarian dishes…

-Rice dishes and fresh pasta: Rice fruit of the sea. Lasagna meat and mozzarella. Fettucine Alfredo. Seafood medals with vegetables and black sauce, rice Commendatore, spaguetti Nerone, Spaghetti Carbonara, macheronni 4 cheese, fondue Da Vinci, melted cheese and scraping open fire …

-Fish: Fresh grilled salmon. Sauteed swordfish with eggplant and tomato. Tuna steak with tomato and onion. Shrimp in Marsala wine sauce and saffron. Baked salmon with vegetables and Parmesan cheese …

-Grill meats: chicken brochette with curry and oregano marinade. Beef tenderloin stone. Sirloin pepper steak and onions. Succulent ribeye bullock …

-Wide variety of all kinds of pizzas, authentic from Italy.


-Desserts: Tiramisu of the house, fluffy cheese, zucotto (mascarpone dessert cake with chocolate and candied fruit …), hot apple pie, ice cream with orange zest … flambe desserts: strawberry pepper, yellow apples rum, cold chocolate bonbon Grand Marnier, bananas Commendatore, peach Barolo wine …

-Good winery with Spanish, Italian and French wines. They are all from different denominations of origin. Sparkling wines and champagnes.

A pleasure

It was the deserved reward for our day effort. That is due to that, on the early morning, my 2 children and I, had been sailing with Chachi in his Carabel. He is a local character, passionated about sailing and with a lot of years of experience. He is one of those people who know how to empathize with others and quickly Engage them in pleasant conversation. If you want to know more about Chachi, check out our previous post!
The day was amazing. With a very pleasant temperature; although this is normal on the island, for us is a real gift.
With this simple sailing boat you really feel the navigation. Because with little wind, it quickly moves and takes the sufficient speed to breathe the sea breeze. It  feels so good to our lungs. The simple rigging of the mainsail and jib makes it suitable for all audiences. Leaving from Marina Rubicon itself, makes you able to decide whether to access a small cove and sail remaining sheltered from the coast. Or to venture a little more to the east to the beaches of Papagayo.

Finally, us, guided by Chachi, decided to sail to the east and also took the opportunity to give us a nice dip before returning to port. As a result, we had a really great navigation day.

From Nautic Ocean, we encourage you to enjoy this Italian Restaurant in Playa Blanca. You won’t regret it, because the combination of views + good food is fulfilling. Hence, also, the service is really good.

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