lighthouses of Lanzarote

Punta Delgada and Pechiguera, the Lighthouses of Lanzarote

– The beginnings –

The lighthouses of Lanzarote have always been the main point of reference for any marine. They’ve always had high value for the future development of maritime trade. Bonfires lit at strategic locations in height betrayed the presence of the coast for boaters.

The first sailings were made up exclusively in good times (spring and summer) and only during the day. Routes were always kept, at least until late middle age, in the sight of the coast. Navigators were directed by the practical knowledge on the coast and accidents they suffered. The mythical Lighthouse of Alexandria, built in the third century B.C. in Egypt, was considered one of the 7 wonders of the world.

The evolution of headlights during the modern age could be shown mainly on the improving of lighting systems. Also, in the enclosure of the lanterns and the increasing height of the towers.

The lighthouses of Lanzarote are two, one located in the north of the island: The lighthouse of Punta Delgada, on the island of Alegranza. The other, the lighthouse at Punta Pechiguera, on south of the island, in the municipality of Yaiza .

· Lighthouse Punta Delgada on the island of Alegranza: lighthouses of lanzarote

Features of Light: D
Rhythm of Light: L oc 0.3 2.7
Light period (s): 3.0
Color: White Light
Vis Sector: 135 – 045º
Night Nominal range: 12 nautical miles
Position: 13 ° 29.2 ‘W – 29 ° 24,1’ N was built in 1905 and declared of Cultural Interest on 20 December 2002.Consta a gray 15-meter tower.

· Faro Punta Pechiguera:

The Punta Pechiguera lighthouse is located in Yaiza, at the south of the island of Lanzarote. It points the Bocaina Strait which lies between the island of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Position: Latitude Longitude 13º 28º 51,20N 52,20W

lighthouses of lanzaroteWhite cylindrical tower.
inhabited: No
Not visitable
Focal Plane height (m): 55
Support height (m): 50
Light characteristics: Gp (3)
Rhythm of Light: oc 3.5 L 0.2 L 3.5 L 0.2 0.2 oc oc 22.4
Light period (s): 30.0
Color: White Light


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