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We visit Martinón Wine Cellar

We left about 11:00 am at the offices of OceanDreams in Playa Blanca. From there, we  drove headed to the town of Masdache in Tias. Final destination: «Martinón wine Cellar».

After a few minutes driving, we got to the winery Martinón. Eduardo, the owner, greeted us personally. Just get out of the car, the landscape kept my sight immediately. It was a shock. Something much different that someone like me who comes from the peninsula is used of seeing when visiting a winery. The green there superimposes harmonically with the dark color of this particular land. And, although we have already explained in previous posts, it doesn’t stop surprising us how it is possible to grow something in such adverse conditions. At least apparently. I love watching these circular forms that cover the entire landscape. A mystic halo surrounds the environment.

The Wine Cellar wine cellar

 Since its inception, Martinón Wine Cellar has opted for a characteristic type of farming. According to  what they told us, it has the same performance as in trenches. The grape, Malvasia kind, unique variety. It produces mostly white but also red and pink bill.

The beginnings of this winery are eminently familiar. And they relate to 2006, when they family decided to start their project with strains that were family property.

We could see from Eduardo the entire production process until bottling. We could note the extreme care and pampering that a winery family like this surpasses to provide the product till the end when we it reaches our mouth with all its taste and odor splendor.

Of course didn’t miss the timely tasting, but given the inadvisable time to enter into a deeper relationship with these wines, we decided to stow a box in our car to enjoy indulging in an event that we had scheduled. We ensure a full success of the event with that. But really, although it is not too good to say, there was not a single bottle to get back to the peninsula …

wine cellarThe tradeoff

We were emplaced with Eduardo to return the visit on board of one of our sailboats a few days after our visit. That’s where we begin to shape the idea that we are currently preparing together with Bodegas Martinón.

The idea consists on holding series of wine tastings that will be held weekly aboard a catamaran. The project will make a marriage. With what we understand perfectly that unites two of the most valuable assets of this island: the sea, and its wines. By the hand of an oenologist, we will enter the southern coast of Lanzarote aboard a catamaran. It will carry out about 41 feet to delight with the tasting of these wines in a incomparable environment and frame. After a pleasant navigation and anchoring in one of the best corners of Lanzarote, we can start  learning something better. We can understand how these wines, born in adverse conditions, become a pleasure to the palate and the senses.

We cannot think of a better way to enjoy these pleasures.

Aboard, we enjoyed the company of Eduardo Martinón and Jesus San Juan, Director of Hotel Volcán Lanzarote, and Fernando Benitez, Director of Hotel HD Pueblo Marinero. Besides enjoying with their children in this day of sailing, they share with us the project of bringing sailing to all those who come to the island of Lanzarote.

A so much pleasant activity to sometimes anchor your boat and change the sea by an interior landscape, and be able to life charming experiences like visiting the Martinón Wine Cellar. In fact, it must be mandatory once a year.

  • Technical data: 13.2% alcoholic strength vol. Total acidity tartaric gr./l 5.9. gr./l 0.3 and volatile acidity in acetic acid.


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