Nautical Days Marina Rubicón – Return sailing to Lanzarote.

This year, the Nautical Days Marina Rubicón conference will host events such as the Canaries Cup J-80, the ITC PRE WORLD Optmist conference, and a race around the Island for the cruiser class.

  • From the 10th to the 12th of May – J-80 Canarias Cup.
  • From the 13th to the 19th of May – Pre Optimist Worlds
  • 25th of May – Return to the Island Class Cruise

The opportunity to go around the island continues to be an excellent option for those who want to discover Lanzarote by the sea. To navigate the island, we must know some interesting facts as the most frequent wind regime of the island.

Need-to-know Facts

Trade winds. They are the most constant and regular winds and blowing most frequently in spring and summer, especially in July.
Address: North, Northeast.

Acceleration zone: Costa Teguise. In the afternoons, the wind changes frequently to the North. And, when this component is more powerful, intensifies in the hottest hours between Matagorda and Costa Teguise.

When high pressures occur, the weather forecasts from Windguru and Winfinder are generally very reliable.

The Siroco. Southeast wind, african, hot, dusty and suspended most common in autumn and winter. Almost non-existent in summer. It has a limited intensity on the east coast of the island but can blow hard in the west coast (Famara). Variable intensity both day and night. With this component, wind forecasts are unreliable.

Winds from the South (South-SW). When the wind of South component is not hot, there is generally a depression on the west of the Canaries. It is a wind that brings rain to the sea disordered and, therefore, difficulties to navigate. However, forecasts are generally reliable.

These winds blow generally in autumn, and are rare in winter.

N-NW winds: when the depressions are more in height, can generate northerly winds. But varying in intensity, fresh and occasional rain. Clear skies, good visibility and magnificent sunsets.

The next sailing event

On the 25th of May, we will have a magnificent full moon. So we have one more reason to not to waste this opportunity to sail around Lanzarote.

This is a nonstop sailing test, starting and finishing in Marina Rubicon. It crosses the island from east to: Puerto del Carmen, Arrecife, North Island, La Graciosa and Coast Timanfaya, arriving to Playa Blanca. A distance of approximately 74 nautical miles surrounding Lanzarote will be covered, leaving the coast to port, and coming back to Marina Rubicon.

The faster boats usually travel the whole route in about 10-11 hours, depending on wind conditions. The less rapid should take over 15 hours.

The challenge for boaters will consist on facing all kinds of winds and directions. The feared stills from Papagayo, the terral Airport, the downwind leg opposite the National Park Timanfaya… And navigating all the geography of the island, make this a very attractive race test.

And, at the end, how could it be otherwise, we expect friends in the pub One in Marina Rubicon, the quintessential bar for boaters to welcome the participants.

Come with us to the Nautical Days Marina Rubicón

We are preparing from Nautic Ocean regarding this Regatta a very special offer. It is directed to competitive and well prepared boats, for all those sailors ready to enjoy this exciting nautical meeting. This exciting meeting that is about knowing the whole island of Lanzarote by the sea.

Those who are interested in participating will also have the opportunity to sign up by sending your details to our contact form. Or, if you need to rent a boat to participate on the Nautical Days Marina Rubicón, do it!

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