One Bar

A bar located on the Atlantic for navigators and sea lovers

One bar

The One Bar – Sailor’s Bar

Love at first sight

Two years ago I had the opportunity to cross the Atlantic.I explained that in another post. As I have always said, I first arrived to the island of Graciosa, and then went to Marina Rubicon. Later on, it will be there the exit of of the Atlantic Grand Prix race. It was destined to the island of Martinique in the Caribbean.The first thing I discovered upon the arrival to this modern Marina was the «One Bar». It is unusual to find such a welcoming place for a sailor. You can breathe navigation on all sides. In addition, its own location already warns that it is more at sea than on land.

The place

Its social reason is a lighthouse, and a pier where boats moor at his feet. The sailors who come here with their boats also have something in common: the dream of crossing the Atlantic. Mainly to sail, but they also share an unconditional love for all that sounds to sea, winds, candles, and keels that merge with the Atlantic , stories of lonely sailors. Usually they arrive tired, with a few miles on their sterns and more of an experience they want to share with other boaters.

That so much precious first beer is assured in the One Bar. You will drink it surrounded by the countless photos of those sailors who we have all read and admired. Meanwhile, sip after sip, one empathizes quickly with Jose Maria and Claudia. They could conceivably be the old lighthouse keepers who took care of those beacons so essential and dear to any marine. This is because the kindness of the people of the sea is so, and the One is a mainly a sea site and for seafarers.

The home of the Atlantic crossing

Now, we have two Atlantic races just to begin. And both meet in the new scenario and already starting point given for any sailor who intends to cross: Lanzarote. The Christmas Caribbean Rally 2013, in its first edition to be released on December 16 towards Jolly Harbor, Antigua. And a new edition, and now they’re already 8, of the «Grand Prix del Atlántico» is about to start. The race of Spanish ocean sailors.

On the 4th of January will depart from here, in Lanzarote, and headed to  Colombia, other boaters with their own dreams and illusions like so many others did previously. And the One Bar will be there to welcome them as a meeting point to share experiences.

Just two days earlier, on the 2nd ofJanuary, the One will hold its 100th Atlantic celebration. They will meet there, as already announced adventurers, a poet and conquerors of dreams. Also a long list of people who have ultimately one thing in common: his love for the sea and sailing, and wanting to have a really really good time.

¿What else can you find?

In the Marina Rubicon’s Lighthouse, one meter by the water, yachts and sailboats come and go. A unique atmosphere in one of the most emblematic places of Lanzarote. Good food, and an omelette which should be made with much love, because someone who has already tried many, would have no hesitation in recommending. A cosmopolitan atmosphere, a meeting place for seafarers, people crossing the Atlantic, elite sailors, diving specialists, dreamers, adventurers, world citizens, tourists looking for something better with a profile and exclusiveness. Acclimated with very varied music. Great range of gins, rums and liqueurs from Lanzarote.

Possibly, one of the best places in Lanzarote, and recently in clear conflict with another 9 Sailor’s Bars. And only one goal: get the award for best sailors bar in the world awarded by the prestigious Wight Vodka. Favourite Yachting World’s Bar on 2013, Nautic Ocean invites you to vote here the One Bar.

Do not settle reading this, go and feel this amazing sailing atmosphere by yourself, 100% recommended.

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