Playa Blanca Routes

Today we are going to discover one of the most beautiful Playa Blanca Routes. This route does not involve any difficulty, and we can classify it as a walk. But not for that would it be less enjoyable.

We can start our route after our breakfast, in Marina Rubicon. At the east end of this marina we will easily find the path that will lead us along the sea to the beaches of Papagayo.

playa blanca routesStarting our tour: Playa Blanca Routes

After a short stretch we will guess the silhouette on our right of the Castillo de las Coloradas. It was built in 1741 and rebuilt in 1769, after a fire caused by the Algerian troops besieging it constantly. Logically, his mission was basically to protect the continuous attacks by corsairs that were submitting the Canary Islands. Specifically Lanzarote. Its shape is circular and it has a drawbridge.

Our views

Later on, we will keep walking always to the east along the coast. During this journey we will be surprised by the depth of the coast and the contrast with the blue sea. We will see perfectly at the horizon and our starboard (right in the language of Earthlings), a defined outline of Isla de Lobos and Fuerteventura.

The distance between Marina Rubicon and the Island of Fuerteventura is just 6 miles. And there are numerous ferries that make the connection every day between Playa Blanca in Lanzarote and Corralejo, the arrival port in Fuerteventura. Later on, we will devote an article regarding this tour, that surely we can not miss if we plan to come to Lanzarote.

Something beautifulplaya blanca routes

We left our walk in the Castillo de las Coloradas. Therefore, we will continue walking and an open beach will be shown against us. It is composed by the typical volcanic rock in its highest part made by golden sand. Quite wide, it stands in front of a couple of hotels.
From this beach, you have two options: the first one involves walking up a short steep slope at the end of end of the beach. And the other option, somehow simpler, skirting the hotels in the back and take a way up.

Finally, from any of the choices, we will place up the mountain, ready to continue our walk. Now the view is even more breathtaking. We gained altitude and we have to take a few moments to look back. And, as Machado said: «see the path you don’t have to step back again…», the way we have already covered. Once again, we see the Castillo de las Coloradas. But from another perspective, now with much greater amplitude. In the background, Maria Rubicon. With its distinctive lighthouse, it indicates that it has been from invaluable help for so many centuries for any navigator.

From now on, always with east course, and following the great writer, «walker there is no way, but stelae on the sea.»
Several roads will be provided to us, but all leading to the beaches which we will now perfectly descry. It is to enjoy these views, the rugged mountains and the so intense blue that has captivated us when we arrived in Lanzarote.

A succession of gentle descents and ascents will culminate with our arrival at the Playa de Mujeres. It belongs to the protected Natural Park of Ajaches. With this golden sand beach, it is not necessary to wear shoes for a swim, and of course better than a «sea bathing» in the Atlantic Ocean, to impregnate water, sun and salt.

Some recommendations :

  • Wear comfortable shoes, because the road is in its second tranche of sand and stone. And, of course, the swimsuit to complete our walk with a nice bath.
  • In summer do not forget the sunscreen.
  • Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture those amazing scenery.
  • An interesting option is to make this trip to the rising or setting sun.


If you are planning to embark on this or to any Playa Blanca Routes, then do it with us! If you need accommodation, Nautic Ocean is your best solution.

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