SafeTrx, an essential app for navigators

In this post we want to refer to this interesting App we have discovered: «SafeTrx«. In combination with coastguard, this useful tool «is a new way to respond to incidents of vessels whose positioning, tracking and monitoring are outside, partially or totally, the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), and systems monitoring maritime traffic. »

The first thing we will do is register. The application is free and available for Android and iOS. Then, we register the boat that we will sail with and our navigation Plan. The app will also ask for a contact person and telephone number in case of emergency. We will detail our starting point, destination, E.T.A. (Estimated Time Arrival), type of trip and number of persons on board. When we are ready to set sail, indicate «Initiate Journey».


1.Download the App on your Smartphone.

2.Navigator registration.

3.Enter the details of your boat and emergency contact record.

4.Select the vessel, arrival time, crew and purpose of the trip. Press «Set Sail» (Home Travel).

5.Press «End trip» (weekend trip) when you have arrived at the intended point of destination.
SafeTrx App, once started the journey, will record our navigation Plan and send it to Maritime Rescue. It will also and our location. Positioning data are transmitted while there is telephone coverage. An alert will be sent if it exceeds 30 minutes E.T.A.


More interesting uses

While the voyage develops you can  modified pre-established data both E.T.A. as of persons aboard, destination, etc.

During the voyage, this app lets you add comments and photos tagged and displayed on the website Lifeboat SafeTrx boater.

Finally, we must ensure not trigger false alarms occur. We must controll the arrival time properly or suitably modifying it.


In Nautic Ocean Sailing trips, we have used SafeTrx, and we really recommend it to you. There’s nothing like navigate with the calm feeling provided by knowing you have a good electronical security system behind.

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