Sailor Villas Playa Blanca: Starring Chachi

The «Sailor Villas» concept  formula includes accommodation + Water activities. You can go everyday randomly sailing, windsurfing, kayaking or stand-up paddle. You’ll surely enjoy being under the sun of our Sailor Villas Playa Blanca.

Such a character

Sailor Villas Playa Blanca

Today, we want to introduce you to our Chachi. He is quite character in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. He has dedicated to the world of sailing all his life and. Especially, to ensure that all those who have sailed with him, keep a warming memory.

I met him in the One Bar, located in Marina Rubicon. He arrived there with his inseparable dog and friend, suitably armed with his life jacket. I think it has taken as many miles sailed as himself. I know that, more than once, he has had to realize the «water dog» maneuver. But like his master, it is sufficiently hardened stepping countless frames in its life. The first thing he did after the formal greeting was showing to me his «special book». It had dedications in it, photographs and inscriptions of the many visitors who have sailed with him in these latitudes. Many of them learned with him and now come with their children to also enjoy his tips aboard his sailboat, the beachcomber or the windsurf. !It is really the ideal person to enjoy a nautical holiday with!

Many of the photos he showed to me are full of histories. For example, the memory of the Doreste brothers sailing with him. The picture of the King greeting him on his visit to Lanzarote. And especially many photos with endearing dedications of people from all the planet that have been able to share with Chachi memorable navigation days.

Learn with him

Nowadays, he continues sailing, as it could not be otherwise. And he enjoys what he likes, teaching people their own world, their experiences, and his good sailor tips. He continues with his sailboat, with his raquero or doing windsurfingSailor Villas Playa Blanca with his taxi, as he calls it. He also performs nights activities with his kayaks during full moon days.

This is the character we want to share with all of you who come to our Sailor Villas Playa Blanca. A  Marina Rubicon Group navigator, who is worth experiencing. No doubt you’ll keep a valuable learning and surely win a good friend.

!Don’t hesitate and come with us to enjoy all the different water activities staying on the charming Villas!

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