tips to navigate in a boat rental


Some time ago I decided to group into a «reminder» all those things we normally do because we have in our heads before boarding. Needless to say, when we charter a boat rental still becomes more important as we usually do not know the boat and we have to check-in quickly for sailing afterwards. Our family and friends have placed their trust in us, and we are the highest authority on board. Should not neglect any aspect, and for that reason it will be useful to «cheat» so we will not forget anything. Also that may turn into a routine and even fun process that we can share with the whole crew. Here are some tips to navigate in a boat rental:

– Tips to navigate in a boat rental –

1 – Buoyancy and SEALING

– Observing the boat rental is perfectly upright and is not irregular.

– The distribution of stowage should consider this aspect. Check  again regular buoyancy.

– Check that the hatches, portholes, transoms and deck and hull are perfectly watertight. We can test using a hose with pressurized water.

– Check the sealing of the plugs: avoid them being covered by liquid (water, oil, etc.). Do not overdo the pressure.

– Background faucets. Check engine saltwater intake and opening. Check closing drain sink, bathroom and kitchen.

– Locate bilge pumps and check for proper operation.

– Uncover bilge and check that it is dry. Actuate bilge pump and check for proper operation.

– Check that the tub is «self-draining». Scuppers should be free of debris and obstructions, and must release fluidly water entering the stern cockpit.

2- GOVERNMENT AND PROPULSION tips to navigate in a boat rental

Regarding the Motor:

-Oil level
-Coolant level
-Investor level change
-Explosive gases
-Water separator filter
-Dryness or no horn axis
-Alternator belt tension
-When turning on the engine, check that water flows out of the cooling duct.
-Check that there is oil and coolant board. If possible there will be: a belt parts and one impeller.
-Autonomy: Know the ideal rrpp regime, cruising speed, fuel tank capacity, consumption, and water tank to plan voyages.
-We see that there is the Owner’s Manual for any incident that may occur.
-Electrical System: Service batteries and starter switch and fuse box. Bornes. Check load and density.
-Safety elements: fire extinguishers, life jackets, VHF with DSC, pyrotechnics, EPIRB, liferaft, lifebuoys with light and lanyard, etc.

Regarding the standing rigging and work:

-Observe halyards and sheets. They mustn’t be messed, must go right off the bat, be of an appropriate mena,be  in good condition, and they be clear.
-Examine the timing of the stick and tension.
-Check togle bolts, needles, retractors bottles, rooting against forestay, inkwell boom, bolts backstay, etc. as they are likely to get out, open, etc.
-Furling Genoa. Check rotation, clew.



– Check travel rudder and that it rotates properly.

– Prepare the docking and undocking maneuvers. Instructions to the crew and sharing tasks. These should be taught earlier, must be clear and must take into account the level of preparation of each crew member.

– When getting to port, check propeller rotation (clockwise direction or the opposite), to provide the effect of reverse helix.

– Caution when there are capes in the water.

– Stop torn.

– Effect of rudder developments (clear the stern).

– Approaching the dock side or tip.

– Evolutions and «putting about» maneuver.

– Anchoring maneuver (choose the best holding ground, filar chain, bad weather, etc.). Check that there is respect anchor.

– Strapped to a buoy.

– Using the gaff and defenses.

– Check that there are sufficient mooring lines and good ones in the boat rental. Convenient: 4 mooring lines or hawsers.



– Check and become familiar with operation and management gps, plotter, radar, anemometer, tridata, VHF, Navtex, BLU, etc.

– Verify that there are charts, sailing and book headlights areas where you’ll sail.

– If possible, take a respect portable GPS and a delay compass.

Prepare the day’s work:  tips to navigate in a boat rental

-Get the weather of the area we will navigate. In the «Sailor Villas«, we will provide you all this information to navigate Lanzarote easier.
-Calculate estimate fuel consumption, food and water depending on scheduled days and the crew on board.
-Always draw a plan B for the case incidentals occur (alternative recall ports, distances to these, best anchorage areas, prevailing winds, relationship between our course and direction of the wind and sea currents, traffic from other ships and any other information that might be of interest).
-Always notify port and maritime rescue when are about to depart. We need to inform about four intentions, the expected time of arrival and the number of crew on board.


-Ideal adjustment of halyards against boom, mainsheet car,Genoa and backstay tension.

-Choosing the best board. Tacking moment.

-Daggerboard and rudder.

-True wind and apparent wind.

-Navigation in bad weather: lifejackets, harnesses and lifelines, sailing a without sails, navigation with children, etc.

-Night sailing: Identification of the coast, night watch planning, identification of other vessels, cinematic calculation and radar.


Now it’s your turn!


In our «Sailor Villas» from Nautic Ocean, we would like to share with our friends and customer navigators that process. Since their arrival at the Villa, we will prepare a road map of the area where they will be atble to find wind conditions, tides, and the best anchorages and you landfalls. Our «Nautical Advisor» becomes his adviser even before his arrival, helping to design its sailings based on a navigation program that suits your level of experience, tastes, and days that will spend with us in Playa Blanca – Lanzarote.


Now you have what you need. Now you have the tips to navigate in a boat rental. The boat rental, located in Marina Rubicon, is ready for you. ¿What are you waiting for? Book it here now!

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