I decided to do this journey. What’s the best time to cross the Atlantic?

Most boats choose to sail from late November until mid to late January. During this time the trade wind will be much more established, but as we know, we will never have absolutely sure what we will find «out there». To do this, there are some sources of information that will help us make the right decisions about our defeat. Enjoy a great circle course or rely on weather forecasts. So we should not look at any part, and are carried away by the prevailing winds. It is still another valid strategy …

Reference sources:

  • Pilot Chart – Atlantic Pilot Atlas by James Clarke. Is a complete guide to the weather in the North Atlantic basin, including the Caribbean and Mediterranean. It is a planning guide for yachtsmen, containing all the seasonal indications that will determine favourable timing and routeing for a voyage or a cruise. The Atlas contains monthly pilot charts that present statiscal averages of records of past weather and ocean current. These records, in an ideal world, will reflect the probability of experiencing similar weather at the same time of year in the future.
  • Without any doubt, the experience of other boaters will be of great help. In this regard, there are many literary works of ocean sailors whose stories will be of great help, since it will allow us to become aware of our adventure. The books have traditionally been one constant companions who have been present in our small card tables or shelves of our ships for the Navy to have a nice reading from the deck or in your cabin easy. Some of them are:
  1. Navigation with bad weather, by Adlard Coles and Peter Bruce. Editorial Juventud. A classic that should read taking a distance not going to be to make us give up our adventure. however, highly recommended.
  2. Atlantic Crossing Guide – RCC Pilotage Foundation. By Jane Russell.
  3. Towards a Soil, by Francesc Cusí y Jerònia Vidal. Editorial Columna.
  4. Deep blue, by Jacinto-Nena Viladomiu. Edición J.N. Viladomiu.
  5. Joys and misadventures of a lone sailor, by Paco Jiménez. Editorial Noray.
  6. The ultimate challenge, by José Luis de Ugarte. Editorial Juventud.
  7. Where the wind takes me,  by Eduardo Rejduch de la Mancha. Editorial Juventud.
  8. Memories of High Seas, by Eric Tabarly. Editorial Juventud.
  9. Sailors wheel, by  Rafael del Castillo. Editorial Noray.
  10. The Odyssey of Paradise, by Ramón Prat.
  11. Eh Petrel!, by Julio Villar. Editorial Juventud.
  12. A walk through the world, by Cocua Ripoll (online download here).
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