The Hotel Boat concept is finally here

For several years till now, we have been talking about this new holiday formula that is working in other countries such as USA, Italy or France. We are referring to the Hotel Boat formula.

Explaining the concept

The idea is very simple, and it involves turning a boat into a hotel room. The concept itself is very attractive. We need to consider that boats are moored in a marina or a port, and that this place uses to be an attractive and privileged location to enjoy a charming accommodation and an interesting nautical experience for many people.

hotel boat catamaran«Life in the dock», as seafarers say, provides a special charm. It is a place where always something occurs: a ship that enters, the lights of the mouth of the harbor going on, or mooring neighbor that comes with his boat after a day of fishing and wants to share with you some of his experiences. Families traveling with children will check the great interest in the dock for them. The possibility of sleeping in a boat provides additional excitement to the overnight.

However, as already happens in traditional accommodation, there will be proposals of hotel boats of all kinds, some better than others and some worse. So we have allowed ourselves the license to make a list of everything that we consider interesting at the time of booking a boat and Hotel.

Key points when booking an Hotel Boat

1.The location. Not all ports and marinas have the same quality of services. It will be advisable to know the facilities that the Marina or harbor offers: laundry facilities, toilets and showers, wi-fi, pool or sports centers, restaurants and entertainment, car rentals, supermarkets, etc.

2.The ship. We can find boats of all kinds: sailboats, motorboats and catamarans. Either way, it should be adapted to welcome the new guests. The boat file should inform the services available, such as hot water, air conditioning, number of cabins and beds, toilets, cooking facilities, terrace for sunbathing, etc.

3.Boat being exclusive. Although the vessel has several booths, it is normal that the boat is rented throughout whole and not shared with anyone else.

4.Check-in and check-out must be clearly posted as in any other hotel establishment. You should also greet a responsible company to accompany you to your boat. They will explain how some of the elements that we will find work, such as the place where the kitchen utensils are, hot water, gas, etc. Recall that, for example, in a lot of boats most toilets are electric but require specific operations that we should know and that does not resemble the traditional shore establishments.

5.The customer must know the services that the boat provides, as towels, hairdryer, free toiletries, coffee maker, kettle, microwave, linen change, cleaning, radio cd, tv, etc.

6.The possibility of renting a boat and going sailing any day throughout our stay can be a very good option, but always at the discretion of the host.

7.Breakfast or dinner on board, can also be a good point to look at.

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