Ibiza – Lanzarote Sailing. From the Mediterranean to the AtlanticSailing

Ibiza - Lanzarote Sailing

One-Way Ibiza – Lanzarote in October 2016

Each year, after the summer season, hundreds of sailing boats depart from European continent towards the Canary Islands. And always with the intention of crossing the Atlantic.This year will join to this traditional pilgrimage a modern fleet of 15 vessels. But they will not cross the Atlantic. They will be spending the winter season in Lanzarote. It is about Ibiza – Lanzarote Sailing!

With this, our customers who are visiting us, staying at our villas or hotels in Lanzarote, will have something special. They will be able to dispose of more and more modern boats to enjoy the sea from this Atlantic corner.

¡Take a look at this modern fleet! We still have available three monohull sailboats and 2 catamarans to meet one of the dreams of many boaters! That is to discover more about our geography and navigate from Ibiza to Lanzarote.

The boats we have available to enjoy this experience are:

  • Jeanneau SO379 – Year 2012
  • From 2011, Jeanneau SO439
  • Jeanneau SO509 – Year 2014
  • Lagoon 421 – Year 2015
  • Lagoon 450 – Year 2012

To make it much more attractive, we launched a proposal that will let to enjoy each of the landfalls in a relaxed way. And also enjoy a voyage that surely will become an unforgettable experience in our Logbook. Due to you will have many things to note down!

Details of the voyage

First of all, calculating. Approximate distance: 1,000 miles

Ibiza – Denia: 52 miles
Denia – Cartagena: 80 miles
Cartagena – Almeria: 100 miles
Almeria – Malaga: 100 miles
Malaga – Ceuta: 65 miles

Ceuta – Lanzarote: 570 miles

Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar

¿Do you remember the cards that you used in your water tests? It is not by chance that this area is used for nautical education. This is because it has everything. All currents, tides, strong winds from west and east, lulls, mists, known dalliances, possibility of spotting wales. And don’t forget the heavy maritime traffic. ¿Can you ask for more?


¡Come with us!

Finally, it is possible to enjoy this unique experience as part of a small fleet that we are organizing. 15 boats departing from Ibiza to Lanzarote and touring much of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Afterwards, ¡the adventure and fun are guaranteed!

¡We will inform you Soon!


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