International Barcelona Boat Show: The annual event for sailing lovers

Another year, we have been to the appointment of the International International Barcelona Boat Show. In its 52nd edition, the exhibition format reissues its concentration in a single space: Moll de la Fusta. It combines sample floating boats with flags of the different exhibitors.

It was inaugurated the last Tuesday 24th. That date was to coincide with the Merce Feast, patroness of the city of Barcelona. It will remain open until Sunday 29th.

We can not be oblivious to the economic situation. We can quickly realize the reduction of the exhibitor space. However, we must understand it like good the fact that this appointment remains a must for lovers of the sea. Also for water activities. Despite the difficult economic environment, the Barcelona International Barcelona Boat Show remains a benchmark.

If we want to value the environment, and just before we came to this Chamber, ANEM published some statistical data in September ofo 2014th, regarding boat registrations segmented by boat lengths for motor and sail, in seventh list and sixth (charter). It also figures mooring in ports and marinas, and the number of federal licenses of the main water activities such as fishing, windsurfing, sailing, etc. Report on the nautical sector in Spain

Following our tour trough the International Barcelona Boat Show, it has drawn our attention …

What’s New:

– We saw a GoPro stand. They had  their cameras, able to take the best shots and amazing video with professional quality. It is difficult to reduce the size of the device. They have become a reference for sports, and sailing is no stranger to it.

– Costa Tinted Glasses. Special for fishing and boating in general. In this stand we could also see a device that allows us to «enmarine» our Ipad. How? Turning it waterproof and able to work with it on deck. It has accessories to conveniently international barcelona boat show garminplace on deck to work. Given the current price of the plotter, and the chances of obtaining a complete mapping app with a few euros, it seems a good substitute to save money on boats of medium lengh.

– Nautic Luis presents the Parker 600 Pilothouse. It is a model with Nordic design, specially created for fishing.

– The Flash Catamarans shipyard introduces a new model to its range: the Flash Cat 47.

– VHF Portable, IPX8 Watertight, small, with the new noise canceler. Recording the last voice call (1 minute).

The Debate

We assisted as Nautic Ocean to a debate organized by ANEM. It concerns on the future of yacht charter in Spain. The challenges that are now ahead are widespread concern in the industry. There, we gathered with thirty professionals, and interesting ideas about renting boats came out, like:

– The long-awaited exemption of the registration tax in lengths exceeding 15 m is now a reality. It is dedicated to yacht charter exclusively. Therefore, it is expected an increase in these lengths in our country.
– The self-consumption is still prohibited.
– This was highly desired for boats with Spanish flag but especially for ships of foreign companies that want to come here to operate.

Draft Law of Navigation

– The yacht charter contract is recognized as different from commercial vessels contract.

– The nautical tourist spends more (around 140 € / day). Alos, their average stay is larger.

– Reduced VAT for charter activity considering it as a tourist activity. Like France and England.

– The charter sector continues to grow despite the crisis.

Our Share to the International Barcelona Boat Show

Our contribution had a great interest. This is because it comes to demonstrate that sailing should be opened to the general public, to all those millions of tourists who visit us, some from countries that are not living this crisis as we do, or just do not have it.

More about us

«Navigation for non navigators». Yet, that could be a quick definition of our mission. Is not enought to just put a plank of activities in the hotel lobby or some brochures boat trips at receptions. We need to be able to offer what we have best, and with the best service possible. Provide life experiences. Tourists are attracted by our main strength: climate and landscape fundamentally. That is no longer enough. Water sports are a great boost for the offer, allowing users to enjoy the sea in many forms and ways. We need to make it easy, no need for such a walk or sailing race. You need to be in possession of a degree, and of course with the addition of service. Taking care of the smallest detail, enabling activities and accommodation to be in the same environment, there is a nautical professional advice.

When a family arrives to one of our villas or hotels, after being properly installed, we program with them an appointment with one of our experts and water activity advisers. We will get in the hotel lobby or reception of the villas. You will schedule together the activities undertaken, assessing the previous experience if any, the expected meteorology , as well as the possibilities offered by the area to fully enjoy it.

In your accommodation, you will find a nautical area information, as sailing, nautical guides, and weather information and even nautical magazines. All to create the nautical atmosphere we want to convey.

The sector

Navigation needs to expand its slice of the market, and therefore the accommodation sector seeks differentiation in its position that enables you to stop «selling rooms» to sell something else: experiences. The ingredients are served and just need a good dressing.

NauticOceans bet is based on facilitating customer  these experiencies. Our formula is always the same:


HD Pueblo Marinero 2

We are with our customers since the moment of «Dreaming». That moment where you start to dream about your holidays, and that’s when we offer a wide range of plans to enjoy them. We like to ask: ¿What is your Plan?. A simple question that allows us to help you in your choice. A single contact will guide you according to your plan. If your family is going to come, a good plan can be our Sailor Villas, with the possibility of four different activities each day. If instead sailing is more seductive, our Stay & Sail Plan will fit better, and you can sail 50% of the days during your stay at a great price and with a fleet of modern boats.

¿What else?

For lovers of strong sensations, a fleet of sailboats J80 will make them feel like real sailors. Therefore, it includes a breafing on managing sailing, meteorology and tactics. Subsequently, the hand of an expert skipper will sail on one of these fun monotypes. If instead you want something not so radical, we have our Relax Sailing Plan to enjoy a pleasant sailboat ride enjoying the beach or swimming in a nearby creek and accompanied by a nice cold glass of white O.D. Lanzarote wine.

The fishing enthusiasts will find in Lanzarote one of the best places to practice: Marlin, wahoo, grouper, and even sharks. No one will return without fishing. If you embark with Oscar and his boat Hasibi, dams will not have escape. Not every day one has the opportunity to fish with a 2-time world champion.
After the fishing day, you better get the barbecue in the garden of that rich villas and roast fish caught by ourselves!

After choosing the Plan, we will only decide where we want to stay. So we’ve added three accommodations ranging from, due to the variety:

-Ocean Dreams exclusive villas for those seeking comfort but with more privacy,

or 2 two hotels with three stars respectively:

Hotel Volcan Lanzarote

Both located near Marina Rubicon which has become our hub from which pivoted all our activities.

This has been all for this 52nd edition of the International Barcelona Boat Show. Can’t wait to see what next years brings to us!

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