Enjoy SUP in Playa Blanca and its beautiful waters

SUP in Playa Blanca Lanzarote


Today we are going to share with you how the brilliant idea of practicing SUP in Playa Blanca arrived to our minds.

I remember a couple of years ago, I was walking in Marina Rubicon. My son called my attention about a group of 5 or 6 people that were gently moving by the sheet of the water on entrance to the Marina. It was right in front of Bar One .

My attention was widely attracted by the way that slided through the water. It did it
in such a calm and relaxed sea. Indeed, it seems that the origins of the «invention», goes back to Polynesia. It was there where a table originally helped surfing the natives. Therein lies one of the great charms of this sup mode in Playa Blanca. Being able to enjoy without need for waves. That means the following: this sport can be practiced with a sea completely in calm. I think it is a great idea to enjoy such a nice walk enjoying the coast, or a simple evening. Of course the most expert will also enjoy surfing big waves, so we can say that here there is fun for everyone!

Finally, we mustn’t forget that, while we enjoy this «nice walk», we are exercising a lot of muscles. Like the trunk and arms, besides being necessary balance to keep yourself up on the table.

We can classify both tables and the blades.

Regarding the length of the Table, there are:

  • Wave. especially for surf and waves (up to ’10)
  • Hybrid – (from ’10 to ’12)
  • Race – (from ’12) plus own race.
  • Regarding the blades, they will logically be longer the more force we can develop. They usually range from «8.3» 8.7 and «9.0.

SUP in Playa Blanca

Currently, there are many courses ranging from flat water level initiation, a more advanced level and to confront waves in the open sea.

Needless to say, Lanzarote, with its magnificent beaches and landscapes, is the perfect place to enjoy holidays with this nautical sport. ¿What are you waiting to try SUP in Playa Blanca?

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