Yaiza’s dream

A dream about to come true…

25-year-old Yaiza got in touch with us on 30th September via the online chat app on the Nautic Ocean website. The idea of our chat is to help out visitors searching for information. We receive many requests from individuals and families looking for a villa in Lanzarote, as well as people wanting to charter a boat in Lanzarote or to sail across the Atlantic.

This young and affable biologist told us that she was hoping to achieve her dream of crossing the Atlantic and finding a scientific project where she could further her learning curve, focussing particularly on marine biology and similar to other projects she has worked on. We soon realized that she was passionate about her studies and eager to discover a lot more about everything that lives in the sea.

We explained that, despite being a tourism-related company, we would be happy to help her. We gave her our opinion about what to include in her CV and where to send it, and with that we began to look for a boat for Yaiza.

The project she was most interested in was Sterna, which we’ve spoken about in previous posts, not just for the boat but also for her skipper Albert Bargués, one of the greatest transatlantic sailors and also a wonderful human being. We regrettably told her that all crew places were taken and that it wouldn’t be possible to sail on this yacht. Yaiza didn’t give up and kept on looking. The final option was to head straight to the port of Las Palmas and wait for the start of the ARC, in which 180 boats were due to set sail. This would have beem her last opportunity to find a boat to sail on.

After pinching pennies to buy her one-way plane ticket from Barcelona to Las Palmas, Yaiza’s search wasn’t proving too successful, with the days and hours passing by and her dream of crossing the Atlantic looking ever more unlikely.

But out of the blue, we received this email on Friday:


You’re never gonna believe what’s happened!!! We’re setting sail on Sterna on Saturday!!!     

I met up with Albert again, and on seeing me so motivated, he said yes!!! Incredible, I just can’t believe it, I’m sooo excited!!!

I’d just like to thank you all for your help in introducing me to the Sterna project and for all the encouragement you gave me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I’ll keep you updated.

Many thanks and lots of love to the Nautic Ocean team!!!


After reading this email, we sent Yaiza our congratulations but also set her a task: to write us an onboard diary during the crossing.

We’re so happy to have in some way helped Yaiza achieve her dream, and also to see that dreams come true thanks to insisting and having faith.

We promise to post Yaiza’s diary on board Sterna, which we’ve christened Yaiza’s Dream.

Congratulations and FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS to Yaiza and the entire Sterna crew!

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